Choosing the perfect name for your twins

Most common twin names in 2011 (USA)
Rank Names Nr.
1Daniel, David58
2Jacob, Joshua55
3Madison, Mason50
4Olivia, Sophia50
5Isaac, Isaiah47
6Jayden, Jordan41
7Ethan, Evan39
8Gabriella, Isabella39
9Elijah, Isaiah38
10Ella, Emma33
11Faith, Hope33
12Matthew, Michael33
13Makayla, Makenzie31
14Heaven, Nevaeh29
15Isabella, Sophia29
16Jayden, Jaylen26
17Ethan, Nathan25
18Jayden, Kayden25
19Landon, Logan25
20Logan, Lucas24
21Mackenzie, Madison24
22Caleb, Joshua23
23James, John23
24Jeremiah, Josiah21
25Logan, Luke21
26Alexander, Benjamin20
27Andrew, Matthew20
28Chance, Chase20
29Hayden, Hunter20
30Alexander, Nicholas19
31Gabriel, Michael19
32Jacob, Joseph19
33Andrew, Benjamin18
34Hailey, Hannah18
35Olivia, Owen18
36Abigail, Olivia17
37Andrew, Anthony17
38Ava, Emma17
39Ava, Olivia17
40Benjamin, Samuel17
41Jayda, Jayden17
42Ava, Mia16
43Ayden, Jayden16
44Christian, Christopher16
45Emma, Olivia16
46Addison, Avery15
47Ava, Ella15
48Brandon, Bryan15
49Jacob, Lucas15
50Liam, Logan15
51Nathan, Noah15
52Alexander, Andrew14
53Alexander, Anthony14
54Arianna, Brianna14
55Elijah, Ethan14
56Emma, Ethan14
57Isabella, Isaiah14
58Isabella, Olivia14
59London, Paris14
60Madison, Makenzie14
61Nathan, Nicholas14
62Addison, Aiden13
63Aiden, Ethan13
64Aiden, Noah13
65Emily, Ethan13
66Faith, Grace13
67Haylee, Kaylee13
68Jason, Justin13
69Logan, Mason13
70Maddox, Mason13
71Nicholas, Noah13
72Samantha, Sophia13
73Abigail, Emily12
74Aiden, Ava12
75Anna, Emma12
76Benjamin, William12
77Chloe, Zoey12
78Elizabeth, Emma12
79Ella, Ethan12
80Emily, Evelyn12
81Garrett, Gavin12
82Henry, William12
83Jada, Jaden12
84Jayden, Joshua12
85Jeremiah, Jeremy12
86Jonah, Noah12
87Jordan, Justin12
88Matthew, Nathan12
89Reagan, Riley12
90Taylor, Tyler12
91Abigail, Andrew11
92Abigail, Emma11
93Abigail, Sophia11
94Landon, London11
95Mason, Morgan11
96Oliver, Olivia11
97Sarah, Sophia11
98Zachary, Zoey11
99Alexander, Isabella10
100Elizabeth, Katherine10
101Emily, Olivia10
102Emma, Sophia10
103Ethan, Olivia10
104Jayla, Kayla10
105Madison, Mckenzie10
106Madison, Michael10
107Madison, Morgan10
108Mia, Mya10
109Natalie, Nicole10
110Serenity, Trinity10
 Last updated on May 15, 2012

We parents all strive to select the perfect name for our babies, but parents of twins or multiples may find particularly challenging to make the right choice for two, three or more children. Naming one baby is hard enough, but in this case, you've got twice the work to do!

To help you get started, we offer a few popular strategies for choosing names for twins. They are not rules, but they can help you discover new ideas, weight every option, and then select the one that you really like.

  • Using anagrams:

    Take one name that you like and rearrange the letters to make another name. With traditional baby names your choices are slightly limited with this option, but, if you don't mind bending the rules a little, you could play around with this idea forever.

    A few examples: Amy & May, Abdel & Blade, Myra & Mary, Abel & Elba, Abelie & Bailee, Amy & May, Adan & Dana, Alan & Lana, Alfred & Fardel, Alyce & Lacey, Antonia & Ionatan, Ira & Ria, Arlie & Ariel, Ashley & Elysha, Athanas & Natasha

  • Reversing names:

    This will only work for a small selection of names, but if you have the time and some patience, then you will eventually find some great names.

    Example: Nadia & Aidan

  • Names with the same meaning:

    Sarah & Almira - both meaning "Princess"
    Bernard & Brian - meaning "Strong"
    Lucy & Helen - meaning "Light"

  • Using names that rhyme or sound the same.

    It is a good option, but if they sound very similar, it will be very difficult for your babies to learn their names by the sound.

  • Names beginning with the same letter

    Jacob & Joshua, Ethan & Evan

  • Choosing names that have no connection at all.

    Future parents can get so wrapped up in trying to choose the perfect name for their twins, that forget the fact: they can choose names that have no connection at all. It's fun to treat your twins as a pair, but when naming twins it's important to give them each a unique identity.

You can also find inspiration from the list of the most popular names for twins compiled by the U.S. Social Security Administration. See the list with the top 50 twin names by gender, or the table on the right with the most popular 100 twin names in 2011 (combined list).

In 2010 the most popular names were:

1. Jacob, Joshua
2. Ethan, Evan
3. Jayden, Jordan
4. Daniel, David
5. Ella, Emma
6. Olivia, Sophia
7. Matthew, Michael
8. Gabriella, Isabella
9. Faith, Hope
10. Landon, Logan

See also: top 100 U.S. twin names for 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

Please remember that a name identifies a person for life. Growing up is hard enough, don't give your kids weird names. Regardless of what option you choose to name your twins, you should take the time to sit down and put some serious thought into your decision.

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