Names from the most popular daytime soap operas

Soap opera characters are a major influence on the names of today's babies. These days we'll find many boys named Brandon, Tyler, Ethan, Ripley, Jordan, Luke or Logan. Girl names like Samantha, Ashley or Kayla are very popular also.

You'll find here a list with names from the most popular daytime soap operas like "Young & Restless," "General Hospital," "Bold & Beautiful" and many more:

Soap Opera Names
Name Soap opera title
AbelAnother World
AdaAnother World
AdrianYoung & Restless
AdrienneDays of Our Lives
AidanAll My Children
AlanGuiding Light
AlanaYoung & Restless
AlfAll My Children
AlexandraGeneral Hospital
AliceGeneral Hospital
AliciaRyan's Hope
AllisonYoung & Restless
AllyThe City
AngelaYoung & Restless
AngeliqueAll My Children
AngieAnother World
AnitaAll My Children
AnjelicaDays of Our Lives
AnnaGeneral Hospital
AntonAll My Children
AntonioBold & Beautiful
AprilYoung & Restless
ArielleGeneral Hospital
AshleyYoung & Restless
AudreyYoung & Restless
AustinGuiding Light
BeatriceAs the World Turns
Belinda All My Children
BelleDays of Our Lives
BenSunset Beach
BernadetteYoung & Restless
Bernard Young & Restless
Bert Young & Restless
BerthaGuiding Light
Bess Ryan's Hope
Bethany As the World Turns
Bette Sunset Beach
BiancaAll My Children
BillieDays of Our Lives
Blackie General Hospital
Blake Guiding Light
BobbieGeneral Hospital
Boobsie Young & Restless
Booke Guiding Light
Brad Young & Restless
BradenAll My Children
Bradley Guiding Light
Bradley Days of Our Lives
Brandon Young & Restless
BrendaGeneral Hospital
Brent Young & Restless
Brett Another World
Bridget Guiding Light
BrittaGuiding Light
BrittanyYoung & Restless
Brock Young & Restless
BrookeBold & Beautiful
BrooksYoung & Restless
Burt General Hospital
Buzz General Hospital
C.J. Bold & Beautiful
Cady All My Children
Caitlin Sunset Beach
Cal Another World
Cameron Guiding Light
Candace Young & Restless
Carla General Hospital
CarmillaGeneral Hospital
CarterAnother World
Casey General Hospital
Cass Another World
Cassandra Young & Restless
Cassidy Young & Restless
CatlinAnother World
Ceara All My Children
CecileAnother World
CecilyAll My Children
Celeste Days of Our Lives
Celia General Hospital
Cesar General Hospital
Chad Another World
CharleneGeneral Hospital
Charles Young & Restless
Charlotte Guiding Light
Chase Young & Restless
Chelsea Guiding Light
CherylGeneral Hospital
Chet All My Children
Chloe General Hospital
ClaireYoung & Restless
Clara Another World
Clarice Another World
ClarkeBold & Beautiful
Claudette All My Children
Claudia General Hospital
Clayton Guiding Light
Cliff Young & Restless
Clint Young & Restless
Cole Young & Restless
Colleen Young & Restless
Collins Young & Restless
Colin Days of Our Lives
ColtonGeneral Hospital
ConnorAs the World Turns
Cora Young & Restless
Craig As the World Turns
Creed All My Children
Cricket Young & Restless
DabneyGuiding Light
Daisy All My Children
DamianGeneral Hospital
Damon All My Children
Dana Guiding Light
DanielleDays of Our Lives
DaphneDays of Our Lives
Dara General Hospital
Darla Bold & Beautiful
DeaconBold & Beautiful
DeckerGeneral Hospital
Del All My Children
Delfina General Hospital
Delia Ryan's Hope
Derek All My Children
Desiree Days of Our Lives
Devon All My Children
Diego Young & Restless
Dimitri All My Children
Dina Young & Restless
Dominique General Hospital
Doris Young & Restless
Dorothy Young & Restless
Drake Young & Restless
DrucillaYoung & Restless
Duke General Hospital
DuncanAs the World Turns
Dusty General Hospital
Dylan Young & Restless
Earle Young & Restless
Eden Guiding Light
Edge General Hospital
Edith Young & Restless
Edna All My Children
ElaineSunset Beach
Eleni Guiding Light
Ellen Young & Restless
EmilioDays of Our Lives
Emma Another World
Emmy Days of Our Lives
Enid All My Children
Erica All My Children
Ernesto Days of Our Lives
EstherYoung & Restless
EugeneDays of Our Lives
Evan Another World
Eve Young & Restless
Faith Ryan's Hope
Felicia General Hospital
Field As the World Turns
Finnian General Hospital
FletcherGuiding Light
Flo Young & Restless
Ford General Hospital
Fran Young & Restless
FrancoDays of Our Lives
FrancoisDays of Our Lives
Frankie General Hospital
Frannie As the World Turns
FriscoGeneral Hospital
Gabe Another World
Gabi Sunset Beach
Gabrielle Days of Our Lives
Gil Another World
Gillian Days of Our Lives
Gilly Guiding Light
Gina Young & Restless
GingerDays of Our Lives
Ginny General Hospital
GiovanniDays of Our Lives
Gonzo Another World
Grace Young & Restless
GraemeAll My Children
Grant Bold & Beautiful
GreenleeAll My Children
GretchenYoung & Restless
Guy General Hospital
Gwen Young & Restless
H. B. Guiding Light
Haley As the World Turns
HarlanAll My Children
HarleyGuiding Light
HarperDays of Our Lives
HarrisonGeneral Hospital
Hart Guiding Light
HayleyAll My Children
Hazel Another World
Heather Young & Restless
HectorAll My Children
HelenaGeneral Hospital
Helga All My Children
Henry Guiding Light
Hillary Young & Restless
HoldenAs the World Turns
Holly Guiding Light
Hope Young & Restless
Hutch General Hospital
Ian Days of Our Lives
India Guiding Light
Iris Another World
IsabellaYoung & Restless
Iva As the World Turns
Ivan Days of Our Lives
Jackson All My Children
Jacob The City
Jacqueline Ryan's Hope
Jacques Young & Restless
Jade General Hospital
JaggerGeneral Hospital
Jaime Young & Restless
Jake General Hospital
JaneneDays of Our Lives
Jasmine Bold & Beautiful
JasperGeneral Hospital
Jax General Hospital
Jazz Young & Restless
Jed Young & Restless
Jef As the World Turns
Jenna Another World
Jeri Young & Restless
Jewel All My Children
Joani Young & Restless
Jocelyn The City
Jonah Days of Our Lives
Jonas Young & Restless
Note: Names that appear in two or more soaps are listed only once
Soap Opera Names
Name Soap opera title
JordanAnother World
JoseGuiding Light
Josef Young & Restless
JosephineDays of Our Lives
Josie Another World
Judge Young & Restless
JudyYoung & Restless
Julia Young & Restless
JulietAs the World Turns
JustinGuiding Light
JustusGeneral Hospital
Kayla Days of Our Lives
Keemo Young & Restless
KeeshaYoung & Restless
KentGeneral Hospital
KirkAs the World Turns
Kit Guiding Light
Kitty All My Children
KyleGuiding Light
LahomaAnother World
Lance Young & Restless
LauraleeYoung & Restless
LaurelAll My Children
LeannaYoung & Restless
LenoreAnother World
Leo General Hospital
LeopoldDays of Our Lives
Leora All My Children
LetitiaDays of Our Lives
Lexie Days of Our Lives
Lil Young & Restless
LilaGeneral Hospital
LillianGuiding Light
LillieYoung & Restless
LilyAll My Children
LindseyYoung & Restless
LisanneDays of Our Lives
Livia All My Children
LizaAll My Children
Logan Days of Our Lives
LoisGeneral Hospital
LorenaGeneral Hospital
LorettaAnother World
LorraineThe City
LuanYoung & Restless
Lucas General Hospital
LucindaAs the World Turns
Lucky General Hospital
LucyGeneral Hospital
LujackGuiding Light
LukeGeneral Hospital
Lydia Young & Restless
Mac General Hospital
MacauleyGuiding Light
MacyBold & Beautiful
MadgeAnother World
MaiYoung & Restless
MalcolmYoung & Restless
MamieYoung & Restless
MarahGuiding Light
MarcoGeneral Hospital
MarcusDays of Our Lives
MarcyAs the World Turns
MarestellaAll My Children
MargoAs the World Turns
MariJoYoung & Restless
Maria General Hospital
MarianneYoung & Restless
MarlenaDays of Our Lives
Marly Another World
MarshallAs the World Turns
Marty Days of Our Lives
MarvinDays of Our Lives
MaryAnother World
Mateo All My Children
MauriceAs the World Turns
Max Young & Restless
Maxie General Hospital
MelindaGuiding Light
Mia All My Children
MiguelYoung & Restless
Mikos General Hospital
Miles Young & Restless
MimiAll My Children
MirandaGeneral Hospital
Missy Young & Restless
Mitch Another World
MitchellYoung & Restless
Molly Young & Restless
MonaAll My Children
MonicaGeneral Hospital
Monty Days of Our Lives
Morey Young & Restless
MorganAnother World
Mouth General Hospital
MyraAll My Children
NadineGuiding Light
Nan Young & Restless
NatalieYoung & Restless
NateYoung & Restless
NathanYoung & Restless
Ned General Hospital
NeilGuiding Light
NicoAll My Children
Nikki Young & Restless
NikolasGeneral Hospital
Niles As the World Turns
NinaYoung & Restless
NoahGeneral Hospital
NoelAll My Children
NolaGuiding Light
NormanYoung & Restless
OliviaYoung & Restless
OpalAll My Children
Paddy General Hospital
PageGeneral Hospital
PalmerAll My Children
Paolo All My Children
PaulinaAnother World
Pauly Guiding Light
Perry Another World
PetrovDays of Our Lives
PhoebeAll My Children
PhyllisYoung & Restless
PierceYoung & Restless
PorterDays of Our Lives
PrescottGeneral Hospital
PrestonDays of Our Lives
Rae Sunset Beach
RafeAll My Children
Red All My Children
Reena Another World
ReginaYoung & Restless
ReginaldAnother World
RegineAnother World
Renee Guiding Light
ReubenAnother World
RevaGuiding Light
RicardoSunset Beach
Ridge Bold & Beautiful
RitaGuiding Light
Robin General Hospital
RosannaAs the World Turns
RoscoeRyan's Hope
RoseYoung & Restless
RossGuiding Light
Roy General Hospital
Royce As the World Turns
RubyGeneral Hospital
RussAnother World
RuthYoung & Restless
RyanYoung & Restless
SabrinaAs the World Turns
SalenaYoung & Restless
SamanthaGuiding Light
Sasha Young & Restless
SavannahDays of Our Lives
SebastianYoung & Restless
SethAs the World Turns
Shane Guiding Light
ShannonAs the World Turns
SharleneAnother World
ShayneGuiding Light
ShepGeneral Hospital
SierraAs the World Turns
SilverAll My Children
Simon As the World Turns
SimoneYoung & Restless
SkipYoung & Restless
SkyeGeneral Hospital
SkylarYoung & Restless
Slick General Hospital
Sly General Hospital
SnapperYoung & Restless
Sofia Bold & Beautiful
SolitaGuiding Light
Sonni Guiding Light
Sonny General Hospital
SpencerAnother World
StavrosGeneral Hospital
StefanGeneral Hospital
StefanoDays of Our Lives
StephanoGuiding Light
SumikoYoung & Restless
SvenYoung & Restless
Sybil All My Children
SydneyThe City
SylvieDays of Our Lives
Tad All My Children
TaggertGeneral Hospital
TamaraBold & Beautiful
TangieGuiding Light
TannerDays of Our Lives
TaraAll My Children
TaylorBold & Beautiful
TeresaYoung & Restless
TessThe City
ThorneBold & Beautiful
TiffanyGeneral Hospital
TinyYoung & Restless
Tod Guiding Light
Tomas Another World
Tonio As the World Turns
Trent Young & Restless
TrevorAll My Children
TreyAll My Children
Trish Guiding Light
TristaDays of Our Lives
TrixieGeneral Hospital
TyroneYoung & Restless
VanessaYoung & Restless
VeraGuiding Light
Vic Another World
VictorGeneral Hospital
VictoriaYoung & Restless
VivianAnother World
VivienneAll My Children
WadeAll My Children
Wally As the World Turns
WaltGeneral Hospital
WalterYoung & Restless
WarnerYoung & Restless
WarrenGuiding Light
WartonYoung & Restless
Wes Young & Restless
WhitneyGuiding Light
WillisAnother World
YuriDays of Our Lives
YvetteDays of Our Lives
ZanderGeneral Hospital
ZaneAnother World
Zende Bold & Beautiful
ZoeyThe City