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Top names by year (United States) (the last 10 years).

Top 100 baby names (U.S.) (data from U.S. Social Security Administration Statistics):

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Baby Name Trends (United States) - see your favorite name's place in history

Twin baby names - strategies for choosing names for twins and a table with the top 100 twin names in the United States in 2011.

Top US twin names in: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 2009, 2010.

Top 50 twin names by gender in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Top 100 Surnames in the United States. What is genealogy or family history and a list of records that can be useful for genealogy research.

Popular baby names in other countries:

Popular Canadian names (2005-2020)
Popular baby names in Australia (2005-2020)
Popular baby names in New Zealand (1998-2021)
Popular baby names in Ireland (1998-2020)
Popular baby names in Scotland (1998-2020)
Popular baby names in England and Wales (1996-2020)
Top names in Northern Ireland (1998-2020)
Popular baby names in the Netherlands (2008-2021)
Popular baby names in Belgium (2000-2020)
Top 100 baby names in Sweden (1998-2020)
Top baby names in Norway (1997-2020)
Top 50 baby names in Denmark (1998-2020)
Popular baby names in Finland (2001-2020)
Top Hungarian baby names (2003-2020)
Top 60 baby names in Austria (2000-2020)
Top 30 baby names in Italy (2006-2020)
Top 100 baby names in Spain (2002-2020)

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Reality Show Names - names from the most popular reality shows
Names of Greek gods and goddesses - the twelve Olympian gods and the Titans

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Our database contains over 15,000 girl names and more than 22,000 boy names with origins and meanings. By selecting the unisex checkbox below and hitting the "Find names" button you'll find over 100 unisex names.

The drop-down list lets you choose between 70 name origins. You can also initiate a search based on the first or last letter(s) of the names. These features can be used individually or together. For example by choosing "Indian" in the drop-down box and hitting "Find names" you'll get a list with Indian baby names. By also selecting the "boy" or "girl" radio-buttons you'll get Indian baby boy names or Indian baby girl names.

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