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51ZahidMuslimboyHermit. Devotee. Abstemious. Ascetic.
52ZahidaMuslimgirlHermit. Ascetic.
54ZahiraMuslimgirlShining. Luminous.
56ZahirahMuslimgirlVariant of Zahira: Shining. Luminous.
57ZahraAfricangirlFlowering. (Swahili).
60Zahra'MuslimgirlWhite. Radiant.
61Zahraa'MuslimgirlVariant of Zahra': White. Radiant.
63ZahrahMuslimgirlFlower. Beauty. Star.
65ZaibMuslimgirlDecoration. Beauty.
66ZaibaMuslimgirlBeautiful. Adorned.
67ZaibaaMuslimgirlVariant of Zaiba: Beautiful. Adorned.
68ZaidEgyptianboyHe shall add.
70ZainEnglishboyVariant of Zane or John.
71ZainMuslimboyBeauty. Pretty.
72Zain-ul-'AabideenMuslimboyEarly Imam (Leader) of Islam.
73ZainabMuslimgirlDaughter of the Prophet Muhammad.
74ZaineEnglishboyVariant of Zane or John.
75ZairaIrishgirlIrish form of Sara: princess.
77ZakEnglishboyVariant of Zachariah and Zachary.
78ZakHebrewboyDiminutive of Zachariah: The Lord has remembered, and of Isaac: He laughs. Laughter. The only son born to Abraham and his wife Sarah (in the Old Testament). Famous Bearer: Nickname of American president Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969).
79Zaka'MuslimboyIntelligence. Acumen. Purity. Honesty.
80Zakaa'MuslimboyVariant of Zaka': Intelligence. Acumen. Purity. Honesty.
81ZakariEnglishboyVariant of Zachariah and Zachary.
82ZakariyaMuslimboyZechariah. Biblical Prophet's name.
83ZakariyyaaMuslimboyVariant of Zakariya: Zechariah. Biblical Prophet's name.
84ZakaryEnglishboyVariant of Zachariah and Zachary.
85ZakeeMuslimboyVariant of Zaki: Pure. Pious.
87ZakiMuslimboyPure. Pious.
88ZakirMuslimboyRemembering. Grateful.
89ZakiyMuslimboyVariant of Zaki: Pure. Pious.
90ZakiyyahMuslimgirlSharp. Intellectual. Pure. Pious.
91ZakkeeMuslimboyVariant of Zakki: Intellectual. Ingenious.
92ZakkiMuslimboyIntellectual. Ingenious.
93ZakkiyyaMuslimgirlVariant of Zakiyyah: Sharp. Intellectual. Pure. Pious.
94ZalaphBiblicalboyShadow, ringing, shaking.
95ZaleGreekboyPower of the sea.
96ZalikaAfricangirlWell-born. (Swahili).
97ZalikaEgyptiangirlWell born.
98ZalikiEgyptiangirlWell born.
99ZalmonBiblicalboyHis shade; his image
100ZalmonahBiblicalboyThe shade; the sound of the number; his image
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