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1OadiraMuslimgirlPowerful. Potent.
2OaisaraMuslimgirlEmpress. Wife of Caesar.
3OakdenEnglishboyFrom the oak tree valley.
4OakesEnglishboyFrom the oak.
5OakleyEnglishboyFrom the oak - tree meadow.
6OamraMuslimgirlThe moon.
7OatesGermanboyVariant of Odo: Wealth.
9ObadiahBiblicalboyServant of the Lord
10ObadiahHebrewboyServant/worshipper of the Lord. Obadiah was the prophet who wrote the shortest book in the Old Testament.
11ObalBiblicalboyInconvenience of old age.
12ObedBiblicalboyA servant; workman
13Obed-edomBiblicalboyServant of Edom
14ObediahHebrewboyServes God.
15ObeliaGreekgirlPointed pillar.
16ObelieGreekgirlPointed pillar.
17OberonEnglishboyIn A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare altered the spelling to Auberon, king of the fairies, to Oberon.
18OberonGermanboyNoble and bear-like. In a Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare altered the spelling of Auberon (King of the fairies) to Oberon.
19OberonShakespeareanboy'A Midsummer Night's Dream' King of the Fairies.
20ObharnaitIrishgirlThe color of olive.
21ObiareusGreekboyA Titan.
22ObothBiblicalboy'Dragons, fathers, desires'
23OceanaGreekgirlForm of Oceanus. In Greek mythology Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers and water nymphs.
24OceanusGreekboyFather of the Oceanids.
25OcelfaEnglishboyFrom the high plain.
27OcranBiblicalboyA disturber, that disorders.
28OctaveFrenchboyBorn eighth.
29OctaviaItaliangirlBorn eighth.
30OctaviaLatingirlBorn Eighth. In the Roman Empire, Octavia was the sister of Octavian who was married to Mark Antony (as a political alliance). They were later divorced (in 32 BC).
31OctaviaShakespeareangirl'Antony and Cleopatra'. Sister to Caesar and wife to Mark Antony.
32OctavianLatinboyVariant of Octavius: Born eighth. Octavian was the name used commonly for the Emperor Augustus.
33OctavianaLatingirlEighth. Feminine of Octavius. A clan name of Roman Emperors.
34OctavieLatingirlBorn eighth.
36OctaviusLatinboyBorn eighth. Octavius was a Roman clan name, as well as the original name of Emperor Augustus (commonly known as Octavian). Traditionally, this name was given to the eighth child in a large family.
37OctaviusShakespeareanboy'Antony and Cleopatra'. Octavius Caesar, Roman triumvir. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Triumvir after Caesar's death, later Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome.
38OcteAnglo-SaxonboyA son of Hengist.
39OcthaAnglo-SaxonboyA son of Hengist.
40OcthaArthurian LegendboyEnemy of Arthur.
41OcumwhowurstNative AmericanboyYellow wolf (Cheyenne).
42OcunnowhurstNative AmericanboyYellow wolf (Cheyenne).
43OcvranArthurian LegendboyFather of Guinevere.
44OcyaleLatingirlAn Amazon.
45OcypeteGreekgirlA Harpy.
46OdaGermangirlElfin spear.
48OdahingumNative AmericangirlRippling water (Chippewa).
49OdakotaNative AmericanboyFriend (Sioux).
50OdaleEnglishboyOf the valley.
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