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"Baby names starting with N."
(1120 first names found)

Baby names - Search results: 1120 names (1-50)
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1Na'eemMuslimboyVariant of Na'im: Happiness. Benefits.
2Na'ibMuslimboyDelegate. Substitute.
3Na'ilMuslimboyAcquirer. Earner.
5Na'ilahMuslimgirlAcquirer. Obtainer. One who succeeds.
6Na'imMuslimboyHappiness. Benefits.
7Na'imaMuslimgirlComfort. Happiness. Benefit. Tranquility. Peace.
8Na'imahMuslimgirlVariant of Na'ima: Comfort. Happiness. Benefit. Tranquility. Peace.
9Naa'ibMuslimboyVariant of Na'ib: Delegate. Substitute.
10Naa'ilMuslimboyVariant of Na'il: Acquirer. Earner.
11Naa'ilaMuslimgirlVariant of Na'ila: Winner.
12NaadhiraMuslimgirlVariant of Nadhira: Blooming. Flourishing.
13NaadimMuslimboyVariant of Nadim: Repentant. Regretful.
14NaadiyaMuslimgirlVariant of Nadia: Caller. Announcer.
15NaaheedMuslimgirlVariant of Nahid: Elevated. Venus.
16Naaji'MuslimboyVariant of Naji': Useful. Beneficial.
17Naaji'aMuslimgirlBeneficial. Useful.
18NaajiaMuslimgirlVariant of Najia: Free. Escaped.
19NaajyMuslimboyVariant of Najy: Safe.
20NaalIrishboyName of a saint.
21NaalnishNative AmericanboyHe works (Navajo).
22Naalyehe ya sidahiNative AmericanboyTrader (Navajo).
23NaamBiblicalboyFair, pleasant.
24NaamahBiblicalgirlBeautiful; agreeable
26NaamanBiblicalgirlBeautiful; agreeable
29NaasahMuslimboyVariant of Nasah: Counselor. Advisor.
30NaashaadMuslimboyVariant of Nashad: Unhappy. Morose.
31NaashonBiblicalboyThat foretells, that conjectures.
32NaasiMuslimboyVariant of Nasi': Obvious. Evident.
33NaasihMuslimboyVariant of Nasih: Advisor.
34NaasihaMuslimgirlVariant of Nasiha: Advisor. Sincere.
35NaasikMuslimboyVariant of Nasik: Pious. Devotee.
36NaasirMuslimboyVariant of Nasir: Supporter. Protector. Granting victory.
37NaathimMuslimboyVariant of Nathim: Arranger. Adjuster.
40NaayaabMuslimboyVariant of Nayab: Rare. Precious.
41NaazMuslimboyVariant of Naz: Pride. Delicacy.
42NaazeerMuslimboyVariant of Naazir: Observant. Spectator.
43NaazimMuslimboyVariant of Nazim: Arranger. Organizer.
44NaazimaMuslimgirlVariant of Nazima: Poetess. Matron.
45NaazirMuslimboyObservant. Spectator.
46NaaziraMuslimgirlVariant of Nazira: Onlooker.
47NaazneenMuslimgirlVariant of Naznin: Delicate. Belle.
49NabalBiblicalboyFool, senseless.
50NabeelMuslimboyVariant of Nabil: Noble. Magnanimous.
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