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You searched for:
"Baby names starting with K."
(1724 first names found)

Baby names - Search results: 1724 names (401-450)
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401KarlinScandinaviangirlWomanly; strength. Feminine of Karl.
402KarlinaGermangirl'Womanly; strength.' Feminine of Karl.
403KarlinaScandinaviangirlWomanly; strength. Feminine of Karl.
404KarlineGermangirl'Womanly; strength.' Feminine of Karl.
405KarlineScandinaviangirlWomanly; strength. Feminine of Karl.
406KarlisFrenchboyStrong and masculine.
407KarlitisFrenchboyStrong and masculine.
408KarlottaFrenchgirlTiny and feminine.
409KarlyGermangirl'Womanly; strength.' Feminine of Karl.
410KarlyScandinaviangirlWomanly; strength. Feminine of Karl.
411KarlynGermangirl'Womanly; strength.' Feminine of Karl.
412KarlynGermanboyWomanly; strength. Feminine of Karl.
413KarlynScandinaviangirlWomanly; strength. Feminine of Karl.
415KarmaSanskritgirlActions are fate. Buddhist and Hindu concept of the inevitable effect of one's life actions.
417KarmelLatingirlFruitful orchard, as Mount Carmel in Palestine.
418KarmelitHebrewgirlLord's vineyard.
419KarmelitaHebrewgirlLord's vineyard.
420KarmelleLatingirlFruitful orchard, as Mount Carmel in Palestine.
421KarmenSpanishgirlVariant of Carmel - 'Fruitful orchard' as Mount Carmel in Palestine.
422KarmiaHebrewgirlLord's vineyard.
423KarminaEnglishgirlVariant of Carmen. Fruitful orchard, as Mount Carmel in Palestine.
424KarmitHebrewgirlLord's vineyard.
426KarneyIrishboyVariant of Carney: Champion; victorious.
427KarnyIrishboyVariant of Carney: Champion; victorious.
428KarolEnglishgirlFeminine variant of Charles meaning manly.
431KarolaGermangirlFeminine form of Karl.
432KarolaHungariangirlFeminine form of Karl, meaning manly.
433KaroleHungariangirlVariant of Carol, meaning joy.
435KarolinaFrenchgirlTiny and feminine.
436KarolinaGermangirlFeminine form of Karl.
437KarolinaHungariangirlFeminine form of Karl, meaning manly.
438KarolinaSwedishgirlFeminine of Karl: manly.
439KarolineFrenchgirlTiny and feminine.
440KarolineGermangirlFeminine form of Karl.
441KarolineScandinaviangirlVariant of Carol: joy.
442KarolyHungarianboyHungarian form of Karl.
443KarolyFrenchgirlJoyful song.
444KarolyFrenchboyStrong and masculine.
445KaronDanishgirlAbbreviation of Katherine: pure.
446KaronEnglishgirlAbbreviation of Katherine. Pure.
447KarrEnglishboyVariant of Carr: Swamp; bog.
448KarrNorseboyFrom the marsh.
449KarraarMuslimboyImpetuous. Attacking violently.
450KarrahScandinaviangirlAbbreviation of Katherine. Pure.
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