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1AkemiJapaneseboyBeautiful sunrise/dawn.
2AkenoJapaneseboyIn the morning; bright shining field; beautiful sunrise/dawn.
3AkihikoJapaneseboyBright boy.
5AkikoJapanesegirlIris; light and bright.
6AkioJapaneseboyVariant of Akihiko: Bright boy.
7AkiraJapaneseboyVariant of Akihiko: Bright boy.
8AndaJapanesegirlMeet at the field. A Japanese surname.
9AnekoJapanesegirlOlder sister.
10BenjiroJapaneseboyPeaceful; enjoy peace.
11BishamonJapaneseboyThe Japanese god of war.
12BotanJapaneseboyLong life.
13ChikoJapaneseboyArrow or pledge.
15ChiyoJapanesegirlThousand years; eternal.
16ChokichiJapaneseboyGood fortune.
17DaiJapaneseboyLarge; generation.
18DannoJapaneseboyField gathering. Surname.
19EbisuJapaneseboyJapanese god of labour and luck.
20ErikoJapanesegirlChild with a collar. The suffix -ko means child.
23JiroJapaneseboySecond son.
24JobenJapaneseboyEnjoy cleanness.
25JomeiJapaneseboySpread light.
26JuroJapaneseboyTenth son; best wishes; longevity.
27KaemonJapaneseboyJoyful; righthanded. Old Samurai name.
28KamekoJapanesegirlChild of the tortoise.
30KammiJapanesegirlVariant of Kami. Lord.
31KammieJapanesegirlVariant of Kami. Lord.
32KaneJapaneseboyPutting together; money. Surname.
33KannonJapaneseboyForm of Kuan-yin who was Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy.
34KanoJapaneseboyOne's masculine power; capability.
35KaoriJapaneseboyAdd a man's strength.
36KayaJapanesegirlAdds a place of resting.
37KeijiJapaneseboyGoverns with discretion.
39KenJapaneseboyStrong; physically healthy.
40KenjiJapaneseboyIntelligent second son; strong and vigorous.
41KenjiroJapaneseboySecond son who sees with insight.
42KentaroJapaneseboySharp; big boy.
43KumikoJapanesegirlCompanion child; drawing together.
45MaekoJapanesegirlTruth child.
46MaemiJapanesegirlSmile of truth.
47MaiyaJapanesegirlSurname meaning rice valley.
49ManzoJapaneseboyTen thousand-fold-strong third son.
50MareoJapaneseboyRare; uncommon.
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