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1AbayomiAfricanboyNigerian name meaning bringer of happiness.
2AbdallaAfricanboyServant of God. (Swahili).
3AbebeAfricangirlAsked for (Nigerian).
4AbebiAfricangirlAsked for (Nigerian).
5AbeekuAfricanboyGhanian word for one who is born on Wednesday.
6AbejideAfricanboyNigerian name for one who is born in the wintertime.
7AbiodunAfricanboyNigerian name given to one born during war.
8AbiolaAfricanboyNigerian name given to one born during the New Year.
9AdaAfricangirlFirst daughter. (Nigerian).
10AdahAfricangirlFirst daughter. (Nigerian).
11AdanaAfricangirlHer father's daughter. (Nigerian).
12AdannaAfricangirlHer father's daughter. (Nigerian).
13AdanyaAfricangirlHer father's daughter. (Nigerian).
14AddaeAfricanboyGhanian word for the morning sun.
15AdeAfricanboyNigerian word meaning royal.
16AdebayoAfricanboyNigerian for 'he was happy'.
17AdebenAfricanboyGhanian name given to the twelfth-born son.
18AdejolaAfricanboyNigerian name meaning 'the crown needs honour'.
19AdesolaAfricanboyNigerian name meaning 'the crown honoured us'.
20AdikaAfricanboyGhanian name given to the first child from a second husband.
21AdioAfricanboyRighteous. (Nigerian.).
22AdisaAfricanboyThe clear one (Nigerian).
23AdofoAfricanboyGhanian word for warrior.
24AdomAfricanboyGod's blessing. (Ghanian).
25AdunbiAfricanboyNigerian word for pleasant.
26AdusaAfricanboyGhanian name given to the thirteenth-born child.
27AganjuAfricanboyIn Yoruban mythology, Aganju was the son and husband of Ododua, the earth goddess.
28AiyetoroAfricanboyPeace on earth. (Nigerian).
29AjaniAfricanboyHe fights for possession. (Nigerian).
30AkanniAfricanboyProfitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth (Nigerian).
31AkiikiAfricanboyFriend. (Ugandan).
32AkiliAfricangirlBright. Smart. (Tanzanian).
33AkinlabiAfricanboyWe have a boy. (Nigerian).
34AkinlanaAfricanboyBrave (Nigerian).
35AkonoAfricanboyMy turn. (Nigerian).
36AkuaAfricanboyGhanian name for one born on Thursday.
37AkweteeAfricanboyGhanian name for the second twin born.
38AlikaAfricangirlMost beautiful. (Nigerian).
39AmaAfricangirlSaturday's child. (Ghanese).
40AmadiAfricanboyNigerian name meaning 'fated to die at birth'.
41AmadiAfricangirlRejoicing. (Nigerian).
42AmbonisyeAfricanboyTanzianian name meaning 'God rewards me'.
43AmeenaAfricangirlTrustworthy. (Swahili).
44AmeenahAfricangirlTrustworthy. (Swahili).
45AmiAfricangirlSaturday's child. (Ghanese).
46AminaAfricangirlTrustworthy. (Swahili).
47AminahAfricangirlTrustworthy. (Swahili).
48AminehAfricangirlTrustworthy. (Swahili).
49AnaneAfricanboyGhanian name given to the fourth son born.
50AndweleAfricanboyTanzanian name meaning 'God brings me'.
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