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101SamHebrewunisexGod's Word
103SeanIrishunisexGod Is Gracious;gift from God.
104ShawnIrishunisexVariant of Sean: Irish variant of John: God is gracious; gift from God.
105ShelleyEnglishunisexMeadow on a ledge
106SkyEnglishunisexSimply means 'sky' from the English word.
107SpencerEnglishunisex Keeper of provisions. Administrator
110TaimaNative AmericanunisexThunder.
111TawnyaIrishunisexA green field; the warm sandy color of a lion's coat.
112TerryEnglishunisexFrom The Name Terence. Abbreviation of Teresa, meaning harvester.
113TiffneyEnglishunisexVariant of the Greek name Theophania referring to the Epiphany - manifestation of divinity.
114TipperIrishunisexNickname and variant of the Irish name Tabar meaning a well.
116WaleisEnglishunisexFrom Wales.
117WallisEnglishunisexFrom Wales.
118WhitneyAnglo-SaxonunisexFrom the white island.
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