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1AinsleyEnglishunisexDerived from the Brittish Nottinghamshire place name of Annesley. From Ann's meadow. From the awe inspiring one's meadow.
2AldisEnglishunisexFrom the old house.
3AlexEnglishunisexThe defender, or helper of mankind. A form of Alexander, but also used as an independent name.
4AngelGreekunisexMessenger or angel. A popular masculine name in Sicily after the 13th-century saint, Angel. Angel Clare is the hero of Thomas Hardy's novel 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'.
5ArielShakespeareanunisex'The Tempest' An airy, mischievous spirit.
6AshleyEnglishunisexLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
7BaileyEnglishunisexSteward or public official; man in charge.
8BarrieIrishunisexA form of Barry, from the Irish word for spear. This name is given more commonly to men, but also used as a feminine name. Also Fair-haired. Famous bearer: Sir J. M. Barrie created Peter Pan.
9BingeGermanunisexFrom the kettle shaped hollow.
11BrettEnglishunisexA native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England). Derived from the surname Breton or Briton, Brett and Bret became popular first names after 19th-century US writer Bret Harte. Brett became very popular in Australia in the mid-20th century.
12CameronScottishunisexDerives from a Scottish surname; from the Gaelic meaning crooked or bent nose. A common first name in Scotland, and in 2Oth century Canadian and Australian families of Scottish descent.
13CaseyEnglishunisexDiminutive of Cassandra: Cassandra was a Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam. This name became popular in medieval Britain, and fashionable in the USA in the mid-2Oth century. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Cathedne. Brave.
14ChrisEnglishunisexDiminutive of Christian: Follower of Christ. Chris is used as a diminutive of many masculine and feminine names beginning with Chris-, including Christian, Christina, Christine, and Christopher.
15ChristieEnglishunisexDiminutives of any masculine or feminine name begining with Christ-, for example Christahel, Christian, or Christopher.
16ChristmasEnglishunisexThis name is derived from the name of the Christian festival, and occasionally given to children born on Christmas Day. Used as both first name and surname since the Middle Ages.
18DaelEnglishunisexLives in the valley. Small valley.
19DakotaNative AmericanunisexFriend in the Dakota language.
20DaleEnglishunisexLives in the valley. Small valley.
21DarcyEnglishunisexDerived from a surname introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest, based on the the French place name Arcy.
22DarylEnglishunisexDearly loved. The name Daryl for girls was made popular by actress Daryl Hannah.
23DeeEnglishunisexA diminutive of any name beginning with D, also frequently used as an independent name.
24DrewEnglishunisexDiminutive of Andrew: Manly. From the Greek Andrew. Has long been a popular Scottish name, because St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland after whom the town of St Andrews was named.
25DylanWelshunisexBorn From The Ocean; Son Of The Sea
26EarieScottishunisexFrom the east.
27EarwineEnglishunisexFriend of the sea.
28EarwynEnglishunisexFriend of the sea.
29EvanEnglishunisexYoung. The Welsh form of the Hebrew John, meaning God has been gracious, or God has shown favor.
30FarrenEnglishunisexAdventurous. Wanderer
31FrancesEnglishunisexFrom France or 'free one.' Feminine of Francis. Famous bearers: British novelist Frances Burney and actress Frances Kemble.
32GeneEnglishunisexBorn To Nobility
33GerryEnglishunisexDiminutive of Gerald, meaning ruling spear. Also a feminine form of Gerald.
34GlennGaelicunisexFrom the glen. Valley. Variant of Glenna.
35GodafridGermanunisexAn Old German name derived from words meaning 'god' and 'peace'.
36HunterEnglishunisexOne Who Hunts
38JamieEnglishunisexFrom The Name James. Supplant. Replace
39JaneneEnglishunisexVariant of Jeannine.
40JannethScottishunisexVariant of Jane; from the French Jeanette.
41JaynaEnglishunisexJehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. Variant of Joan.
42JazzmynArabicunisexA flower name from the older form Jessamine.
43JeanEnglishunisexScottish version of the Old French Jehane, a feminine form of John: God is gracious.
44JenaraeEnglishunisexVariant of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer.
45JendaHebrewunisexGift from God.
46JennalynEnglishunisexModern variant of Jenny and Jennifer.
47JennelleEnglishunisexDiminutive form of Jeanne.
48JennisEnglishunisexVariant of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer.
49Jenny-leeEnglishunisexVariant of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer.
50JerryEnglishunisexDiminutive of Geraldine: A feminine form of Gerald, meaning ruling spear. A diminutive of a Jeremiah, Jeremy, or Jerome, also used as an independent name.
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