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3AbbasArabicboyStern; lion.
4AbbudArabicboyVariant of Abid: Worshiper of Allah.
5Abd al AlimArabicboyServant of the all knowing.
6Abd al BariArabicboyServant of Allah.
7Abd al HakimArabicboyServant of the wise.
8Abd al JabbarArabicboyServant of the mighty.
9Abd al MatinArabicboyServant of the strong.
10Abd al QadirArabicboyServant of the capable.
11Abd al RashidArabicboyServant of the guided.
12Abd al SamiArabicboyServant of the all hearing.
13Abd er RahmanArabicboyServant of the merciful one.
14Abdal AtiArabicboyServant of Allah.
15Abdal AzizArabicboyServant of the Mighty One.
16Abdal FattahArabicboyServant of the one who gives nourishment.
17Abdal HadiArabicboyServant of the leader.
18Abdal HakimArabicboyServant of the wise one.
19Abdal HalimArabicboyServant of the patient one.
20Abdal HamidArabicboyServant of the praiseworthy one.
21Abdal JabbarArabicboyVariant of Abdal Jabir: Servant of the comforter.
22Abdal JabirArabicboyServant of the comforter.
23Abdal JawwadArabicboyServant of the noble one.
24Abdal KadirArabicboyVariant of Abdal Qadir: Servant of the capable.
25Abdal KarimArabicboyServant of the generous one.
26Abdal LafifArabicboyServant of the kind one.
27Abdal MajidArabicboyServant of the glorious one.
28Abdal MalikArabicboyServant of the king.
29Abdal MufiArabicboyServant of the donor.
30Abdal MuhsinArabicboyServant of the charitable one.
31Abdal QadirArabicboyServant of the capable.
32Abdal RahimArabicboyServant of the compassionate.
33Abdal RahmanArabicboyServant of the merciful.
34Abdal RaufArabicboyServant of the compassionate.
35Abdal RaziqArabicboyServant of the provider.
36Abdal RazzaqArabicboyVariant of Abdal Raziq: Servant of the provider.
37Abdal SalamArabicboyServant of peace.
38Abdal WahabArabicboyServant of the giving.
39AbdallaArabicboyVariant of Abdallah: Servants of Allah.
40AbdallahArabicboyServants of Allah.
41AbdalrahmanArabicboyServant of the merciful one.
42Abdar RahmanArabicboyVariant of Abdal Rahman: Servant of the merciful.
44Abdel AdirArabicboyVariant of Abdal Qadir: Servant of the capable.
45Abdel AtiArabicboyVariant of Abdal Ati: Servant of Allah.
46Abdel AzizArabicboyVariant of Abdal Aziz: Servant of the Mighty One.
47Abdel FattahArabicboyVariant of Abdal Fattah: Servant of the one who gives nourishment.
48Abdel GawwadArabicboyVariant of Abdal Jawwad: Servant of the noble one.
49Abdel HadiArabicboyVariant of Abdal Hadi: Servant of the leader.
50Abdel HakimArabicboyVariant of Abdal Hakim: Servant of the wise one.
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