Staying on the job while you're expecting

By Silvia Martin

Especially during the first trimester the symptoms of pregnancy may be dragging you down, making you feel exhausted. These tips will help you overcome these symptoms and following them, you can make your workplace less draining and safer both for yourself and for your unborn child.

  • Dress for comfort. Avoid tight clothing that cuts off circulation as well as heels that are too flat or too high. If you're spending a lot of the day standing you should also consider wearing a support hose designed for pregnancy.
  • Stay out of smoke filled rooms. Avoid toxic fumes and chemicals.
  • As much as possible, stay off your feet. If your job requires that you stand for long periods, take plenty of sitting with your feet up or take short walking breaks.
  • Eat three meals a day plus at least two snacks. Keep nutritious snacks at hand. Make sure erratic eating or job stress isn't keeping you from gaining enough.
  • Keep a refillable water bottle at your desk. Drinking enough water can prevent urinary tract infection, a common symptom of preterm labor.
  • Do any unavoidable lifting carefully to avoid strain on the back.
  • Take frequent relaxing breaks. Too much stress at the workplace isn't good for your baby. Close your eyes and meditate, take a five minute walk around the building, Also you can bring your walkman and listen to music.
  • Slow down if you're feeling tired and go home early if you're exhausted.

If you're a first-time expectant mother or you have one or more children at home just focus on taking care of yourself without feeling guilty. Getting adequate rest is more important now than ever.