Joseph Garcia's Sign With Your Baby Kit

Communicate with your baby before your baby can talk

Babies have control over their hands long before they develop the fine motor skills required for speech. By teaching their infants to sign, more and more parents are recognizing the benefits of this early communication. Using Joseph Garcia's method, babies can tell you things many months before they can speak. You will be amazed at how much babies can communicate with their hands.

SIGN WITH YOUR BABY Complete Learning Kit

With Joseph Garcia's program on using American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary, adults and children as young as 7 months old are able to incorporate signing into their daily activities long before verbal speech.

Garcia's book is clearly written. It tells you exactly why, when, where and how to use sign language with your baby. Joseph Garcia also reviews several studies reporting the benefits of sign language for hearing children. The instructions on how to teach and how to make the signs are detailed and specific, so you'll know exactly what to do.

The video is broken up into short, easy segments, there are many examples of children signing so you'll know what to expect from your child. More tips are given for teaching signs, including specific recommendations for additional signs to teach later.

Customer Reviews:

Extraordinary This is the most incredible concept. I used this method with my baby at 11 months. She was signing a new sign every day or two. Within a few months she was putting two signs together to make sentences. By 15 months old she was teaching her baby doll to sign. She started to speak at 17 months. She is now two and a half years and her vocabulary is incredible and she continues to amaze us by her advanced communication abilities. I recommend this product to anyone who has a baby or is going to have a baby.

Be patient - it really works!!! I bought this kit when my son was 5 months old. Very anxious to get started, I started signing with him at 6 months. The program says to start around 7 months but I thought my baby was so much smarter than average (don't we all:) and would be signing much earlier if I started sooner. Well, I was wrong, my baby did not produce his first sign until he was 10 months old, but it was so worth the wait. His first sign was milk. His second sign was for more but I missed this, I thought he was just clapping his hands until I noticed he really only did it during mealtime, at 13.5 months he still signs it this way.

He now has a signing vocabulary of 9 words - milk, eat, more, hi/bye, no, help, all done, dog and up and a speaking vocabulary of 11 words. I have to tell you I was starting to get discouraged that it took so long but trust me it does happen and when it does it is amazing! I cannot tell you what a wonderful feeling for your little baby to be able to tell you what they want. He very rarely has whining fits or tantrums when he is trying to tell me something, he used to whine to get my attention and then use the sign of what he wanted, now he just says "mommy" and then signs.

I cannot tell you how many people comment on his use of words and signs - it amazes people all the time. This is such a wonderful tool and I am so glad I found this kit and stuck with it. The video is a great motivator and honestly I did not even have to use the book or the reference page, after watching the video a couple times I knew all the signs I needed and still go back to reference if I have a question for one (for me it was easier to see how the person actually makes the sign).

You will not regret this purchase - yes it is a little pricey but when your little one produces his first sign you will too see - it is worth its weight in gold!

The "SIGN WITH YOUR BABY" Complete Learning Kit
US DVD Version includes:
  - Training Video (DVD)
  - Quick Reference Guide
A total of 3 products bundled together in one box.

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